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  has been established in 2000. Until 2008, only games from Harald Mücke have been produced, including "Laß die Kirche ins Dorf" and "Weihnachtspinguine", both games still in product range. "Laß die Kirche ins Dorf" reached the final round in the Hippodice gaming club competition 2002.

In short run, it was also possible to produce unusual games with unusual gaming materials, e.g. "Ahoi - De Landreform" (usage of a cork board, cotton yarn and thumbtacks).

End of 2008 Mücke Spiele decided to become a full scale publishing house. With "Schwarzes Gold", the first game of another author is been published with a starting editionof 1,000 pieces. "Schwarzes Gold" is one of the winning titles of a game author's competition of www.spielmaterial.de and was designed by Bernhard Weber, well-known in the board game scene.