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- A tactical game about the world's biggest oil field -

Ghawar is the world's biggest oil field, located in Saudi-Arabia. The mighty ones are eager to be participate in the process - be it family of not...

Who will keep the overview over all these oil rigs? Who manages to claim the most oil for himself?

A tactical family game about the world's biggest oil field.

Saudi-Arabia is a kingdom with constitutional monarchy. And the royal family has decided to give concessions to foreign companies in order to improve the extraction of the giant oil reserves in the Ghawar oilfield. Your enterprise too, is one of the fortunates chosen from a huge number of interested applicants. However, because of the expensive “application” fee, you now are forced to extract as many oil as possible. But also the biggest oilfield once will be empty...

Playing Ghawar requires a good memory. On the giant oilfield there are different oil qualities and it is helpful to know about their places, since the prices differ.

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