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Dreck weg!

This is an introductory overview of the game “Dreck weg!”. You can find further and more detailed information and pictures about the game here:

Information on Dreck weg!

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Dreck weg! at www.spielmaterial.de

spring cleaning the entertaining way

2009/2010 the family game for dedicated environmentalists

While strolling to school one day with friends, you suddenly notice all around you – on the roads and paths, in the shrubs, everywhere really – debris of all kinds, and not worthless debris either but cans and bottles with deposits on them. “Hey,” says one friend, “let’s see who can find and dispose of the most empties.”

In Dreck weg!, played on a variable game board, players roll dice to move and visit roads, trails, playgrounds and parks to collect as much litter as they can carry. Bottles can be exchanged for money at the supermarket, while trash can earn special action cards to be used with additional movement or rolls of the dice. Best of all is the Schadenfreude you’ll feel when you dispose of trash in another player’s garbage bag!

Players earn bonuses for every area cleaned, and in the end the balance of your savings accounts determines who wins.

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