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The game “Schachen” (Chess Me) also has its own website. There you can find more information about the game.

Website Schachen

Information on Schachen

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Schachen at www.spielmaterial.de

Chess simply different

2009/2010 Chess variant without board in 20 min.

Schachen is a chess variant without a game board, which creates the fascination of a chess game in a compact way. Without long openings, the players enter directly into confrontation. The original rules of Chess are simplified/expanded by a few additional rules.

At the start of the game, each player has a king and four pawns. Cards for the remaining chess pieces form a deck from which the player draws three. The active player first moves a piece according to the original rules for chess, then (optionally) chooses one of the three cards in hand, places it next to an existing card, then draws a replacement card. Pawns must be placed beside another pawn, and all other figures must be placed behind a pawn. The aim of the game remains the same: Checkmate the opponent’s king!

Schachen is for players who like and know chess, but who think the original game is too complex and takes too long.

+ 2-player game
+ rule video
+ spare part service
+ FAQ online
+ infos on development
+ blog,fan rules & variants online