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Christmas Penguins

The game “Christmas Penguins” has its own website. There you will find extensive and detailed information about the game.


Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Christmas Penguins at www.spielmaterial.de

Christmas Penguins
An entertaining family game around thieving penguins

December once again, the world is covered in snow. Just a few days from Christmas. Our beloved Santa has bought all that stuff on those millions of lists of wishes. The sledge is filled with numerous packages. The reindeers are waiting, but then a view through the window terrifies him: The penguins are stealing the presents from the sledge. The aim of the game is to capture as many presents as possible, while Father Christmas, helped by a polar bear, tries to recapture the presents from the penguins. When Father Christmas reaches a penguin, the player whose penguin was reached takes the role of Father Christmas. The winner is the penguin with the most presents at the end of the game. Because Father Christmas doesn’t keep the presents, the player who is Father Christmas cannot win the game.

+ family game
+ perfect with many players
+ rules video
+ spare part service
+ FAQ online
+ infos on development
+ blog & fan rules online