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Games from Author Competitions

Schwarzes Gold

The game “Schwarzes Gold” has its own website. There you will find detailed information about the game.

Schwarzes Gold

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Schwarzes Gold at www.spielmaterial.de

Winner Game Author Competition
tactical game about the world’s first oil rush
1901: Welcome to Spindletop Hill, birthplace of the modern oil industry. The first sources of oil already have been found and all adventures head for Texas to find their fortune. However, the sources are limited. Who will find the right places to set up their oil rigs and produce the most oil?

In the basic game players roll dice to determine a position on the game board where they can then place either one of their own drilling rigs or a neutral oil marker. In phase 2 players decide in which order the drilling rigs score points for adjacent oil markers (which are removed from the board after scoring). The player with the most points wins the game.

The game will include at least two variants (and a second game board) to add more complexity. In addition, several fan rules will be published on the homepage Schwarzes Gold

Schwarzes Gold is the winning title of the author’s game competition 2008/2009 by www.spielmaterial.de. The task of the competition was to create a new game based on the game pieces of Giganten after those were bought in large quantities by www.spielmaterial.de

+ expansion and variants included
+ for hardcore and occasional players
+ very good also for 2 players
+ rules video
+ spare part service
+ FAQ online
+ information on background and development
+++ blog & fan rules online