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Schnipp Es!

This is a introductory overview of the game “Schnipp Es!” (“Snip It!”). Here you will find more detailed information about the game:

Information on Schnipp Es!

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Schnipp Es! at www.spielmaterial.de

Edition 3-part Pawn
a fast-paced football game at your fingertips

It’s soccer time again, and the teams are ready for the match; whether playing on a grass field or clay court, it’s all the same to them.

Everybody wants to win the fast-playing soccer game Schnipp Es!, but to do so you need the right feel in your fingertips because you need to snap your figures in just the right way so that the ball will land in the opponent’s goal. If you risk too much and your pawn tumbles, well, bad luck as your attack is over. Only the one who has placed his pawns in the right places will have a chance to score as time is running out…

+ for all types of players
+ very good also for 2 players
+ video
+ spare part service
+ FAQ, Blog & Fan rules online
+ information on background and development