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FAQ & Download: Global Warming

Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2012

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the gameplay, the material or other aspects of the game. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at this email address.

My fellow player is still picking a card. Can I continue playing? Yes. Global Warming is designed as a fast-paced game, and while the active player is still picking cards, the following player can begin his turn.
In the guide you can see: Game end 4 players = 20 points, 2 players = 30 points. On the map, however, this is shown differently, 4 trucks on the 30 and 2 trucks on the 20. Well observed 🙂 — Yes, this is a mistake of the graphic artist (and the editorial office, which did not see it when the data was released). The rulebook is what counts…
The “Public apathy” action card (permanently no green card allowed) is extremely strong and can lead to a conflict in connection with reaching the second oil drum (you have to play a green card). To prevent this, please play so that “Public apathy” only applies for 3 rounds.
In the rules it says, red cards are discarded after playing. However, there are also a few cards which are valid longer and are not discarded. They can also be removed using the veto card.
If a player has 0 happiness and plays a card that makes his happiness go down, what happens? The happiness points do NOT fall below zero.
On the blue cards the first oil field of a country is named. This refers to the first field on the upper left.
In a few games, the game pieces feel a bit oily. This is obviously a storage problem. We received the pieces like this from Kosmos-Verlag. If you happen to have a bag of such pieces, it is enough to wash these with soap in warm water.
The cards pipeline and sanction are quite strong. If this is too powerful for you, you can rule that these cards are only valid for 3 rounds.

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