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FAQ: Exposaurus

Posted by admin on May 18th, 2012

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the game play, the components or other aspects of the game. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at this mail address.

Why do I need the paleontologist and the claim disc? The paleontologist makes it possible to rescue a fossil with fewer researchers once per game, it is thus a one-time advantage.
The claim disc makes it possible to block a newly found fossil for other players (who might very well need it).
How many scientists do I have to use when the paleontologist takes part in the excavation?

In some – not all – dino tiles, the use of the paleontologist can save scientists. This happens, if not only dark wooden blocks are pictured, but also brighter ones. In the example below, 6 scientists are needed, or 4, if the paleontologist is employed. The paleontologist, however, is only available once and is then removed from the game.
The sequence of a turn is not quite clear to me!
  • A player’s turn begins with the decision whether to send scientists back to the active camp (i.e. placed before him) who are at the museum a successful expedition. Whenever a player does this, he loses a scientist to the national museum.
  • He then draws a hidden tile, turns it over and places one of his scientists on it. He has found the fossil. The player can start new excavations, if he wants to – but must always place a scientist on the revealed tile.
  • Afterwards, he looks for a revealed tile, takes the necessary researchers from his camp to retrieve the fossil and then puts it in his museum. He places the tile according to the rules in the museum, the researchers are put out of the museum tile.
How do you score at the end? What fossils do I combine with which gems? In order to obtain the optimal score, the majority of the dinosaur cards of a variety are multiplied by the majority of gems of a variety.

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