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Rules: Dreck weg!

Posted by admin on April 22nd, 2012

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Setup and preparation phase

Dreck weg! has a short setup phase, in which the city cards are stored and thus a new playing field is created every time. The there-is-still-something-there-stones are placed, which indicate which area has not been cleaned yet.

Playing phase

Now it is important to dispose of waste found and thereby gather a maximum of returnable bottles. The players move in turn on the game board according the the dic to reach city fields that they can clean. Some fields are more polluted than others – player should first go to these fields because possibly more and better returnables can be found there.

Per city field marker pictured the player draws a stone from his bag. He can dispose of garbage stones at the GEM, bottles, he brings to the supermarket. For waste stones, players receive praise cards, which they can use as an additional action later, the bottles can be exchanged in the supermarket for deposit money.


Because ultimately the one who get together the most money, wins the game, the players quickly try to clean up the city and the fields. Especially before the other players since you can then also take advantage of the great bus service to be faster. You get bonuses when you invest money in the bank and / or if you can prove to the sponsors with the collected there-is-still-something-there-stones that you were busy.

You can download the entire rules as PDF from here.

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