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Spielregeln AstroNuts

Posted by admin on March 24th, 2012

“AstroNuts” is a game for 2 to 4 astronauts aged 6 and up by Angelo Porazzi with a playing time of approximately 30 minutes. Below is a brief overview of the rules. You can download the complete rules as PDF.

Each player receives 3 Astro ships and 15 colonies. Thus, the players attempt to colonize the planet on the map and get the raw materials there. With the raw materials, the so-called. “Nuts”, players can pay for different actions.


  • Game Play



Player initially declares a number of possible actionsthat he wants to carry out and determines this by throwing dice. If the dice roll is equal or higher, then he doubles the number of his possible actions, otherwise it remains as the thrown result.

Now the player can use his action points. He is free to choose between moving spaceships, mining Nuts, colonization of planets, building new spaceships or investing in technological improvements. He also can attack enemy ships and colonies. The yellow spaceship is attacking!

The actions require different things, sometimes action points, sometimes Nuts of a particular color, sometimes a combination of both.

Dangerous Landings

Each time a player land on a planet with his spaceship, you need to lookup the event table. There depending on the dice roll you will find different effects. Sometimes they are friendly natives who welcome you, sometimes there is a crash landing. Fate holds much in store for Astronauts.

Colonies for Winning

Winner of the adventure is the player who has founded the most colonies when all planets have been explored – thus all Nuts were collected.

Download the complete rules here:

Buy AstroNuts at www.spielmaterial.de

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