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Mücke Spiele

Mücke Spiele

Games from Author Competitions

Artist: Rautie

Posted by admin on March 20th, 2012

Rautie has worked for our publishing house on the following games:

  • Dreck weg! (illustration of the landscape / city districts)
  • Urknall (illustration box cover)
  • Lunte (illustration cards + box cover)


Rautie works primarily as a comic artist and illustrator. He developt the comic strip “Willy The Kid” together with his friend Raul (copywriter). Meanwhile, the series has been appearing for over 10 years. Moreover, the two are behind the “Family Rappelrübe”, a comic for the younger generation. On his own he creates in addition to that various short comics such as the strip “Coco-Fisch” and the endless continuation of “Fitzgerald”, which appears in the Bremer Edition panel. He also paints large-format images and occasionally makes small cartoons. For www.spielmaterial.de he is responsible for the graphic design of the comic series Family Pöppel.

You can find him online at www.rautie.de.



comics – illustrations – animations
michael rautenberg
hospitalstr. 2
63450 hanau

tel.: 06181- 507353

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