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Mücke Spiele

Mücke Spiele

Games from Author Competitions

Author: Peer Sylvester

Posted by admin on March 14th, 2012

Peer Sylvester has worked for our publishing company on the following games:

  • Taschkent (author of the game)


His website/blog is: www.spielbar.com.

Peer Sylvester (born in 1974) grew up with the games of the year and wanted to become a professional chess player in primary school. Instead, he became a teacher of chemistry and mathematics, which is certainly financially beneficial for his wife and daughter. He did not just want to play, collect and review games, but he also wanted to invent them early on, but he did not succeed. He did not start this really seriously, until during a one-year stay in Bangkok, because of the lack of proper games there. Meanwhile, he hopes for a job as an oil magnate to have enough free time for all the ideas that hover around in his head.

Peer Sylvester


  • 2005 Jam Dudel (book)
  • 2006 Monochrom
  • 2007 On Q
  • 2007 So spielt die Welt (book)
  • 2007 König von Siam
  • 2007 Dubious
  • 2008 Left & Right
  • 2009 Filipino Fruit Market
  • 2010 Discover India (with Günter Cornett)
  • 2010 Bamogo
  • 2011 Singapore


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