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Mücke Spiele

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FAQ: Adiós Calavera!

Posted by admin on November 3rd, 2017

Here are some rules clarifications and answers to frequent questions on the game:

Question: Can not use any movement points at all during a move?
Answer: Yes, that’s fine. Often it makes sense.

Question: If so, can I still use my special ability anyway? (for example, swapping positions using Carmen/Cariba?)
Answer: Yes, that’s possible, too.

Question: If Jesus/Jose gives movement point to another, may that piece use its special ability? Or just move a space horizontally/ vertically without diagonally or pushing something or similar?
Answer: No, it is only moved.

Question: Can I go forwards and backwards in one move?
Answer: Yes, but since you can move less than what are allowed to anyway, that does not make sense.

Question: May pieces end up on spaces with cloth, if I have pushed/pulled them there with my special abilities? So I end on a space next to a cloth and then use De Marco/Diego to move another piece onto the cloth space. Is that possible?
Answer: No, then this special ability may not be used in this way.


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