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News & Reviews: Adiós Calavera!

Posted by admin on August 22nd, 2017

An interview with Martin Schlegel, the author of Adiós Calavera!, was published on the games website Reich der Spiele:

A German gaming website has published a detailed review of the game (in German):

Das Spiel mit den Toten – Adiós Calavera! – Essen-Neuheit 2017 für Taktiker (Rezension)

Chris Marling has made a detailed review of the game using his four perspectives scheme:

Adios Calavera: A four-sided game review


Adiós Calavera! was mentioned in the following newspaper articles:

Stuttgarter Zeitung 24.10.17

WAZ 26.10.17

Freies Wort 31.10.17

Badische NeuesteNachrichten 04.11.17

Donaukurier 25.11.17

Adiós Calavera! got the “Dice Tower Seal of Approval” in the following video review:

The French gaming website vindjeu.eu has published a review of the game (in French):

Adios Calavera!

There is a review from the website opinionatedgamers.com. You can read the review here:

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