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Posted by admin on July 1st, 2013

In the period 2009/2010, the second game author contest was conducted at www.spielmaterial.de. This competition received more than 80 entries. Probably 8 games from the competition will be published as part of Edition Läufer.

Detailed Information

After the closing date end of April 2010, more than 80 games ideas had reached us – significantly more than in the previous year and also more than expected – the jury was forced to go through several selection rounds, in order to ultimately reduce the number of finalists to 10. The finals matches to our estimation all have have enough potential for publication.

On the basis of the shown parts the task was to create a board game in which all of these parts are used. Additional material (for example, board, playing cards, figures, etc.) was allowed too. The jury was the games meetup in Mönchengladbach and www.spielmaterial.de. The winner of the competition received a cash price of 500 € and also an offer for the implementation of the game (author contract).

We thank all participants who were not selected for the next round. Do not be discouraged to find another publisher for your game idea!

Winner of the Competition:

Ron van Dalen – Exposaurus (family game)

Pauli Haimerl – Dahschur (strategic game)

Axel Hennig – Urknall (special award – perfect utilization of given parts)

The other candidates in the final round:

Peer Sylvester – Taschkent

Alexander Huemer – Lignum

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