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Rules: Lignum

Posted by admin on March 4th, 2015

Here are the rules to the game Lignum:

1. Components and Setup

2. Basic Rules

3. Rules for Tasks and Planned Work

4. Quick Reference

Here also the following notes about the game:

It is recommended to learn Lignum playing the 2 or 3 player game.
In the first 4-player game you can choose the easier winter conditions for each year.

In the first games, it is advisable to execute the wood work individually in player order. In this case, the individual effects can be learned better and sometimes mistakes and misunderstandings are avoided.
(Later on, you can of course execute the wood work at the same time.)

Experienced games can immediately start with the tasks and planned work.

The game will not be more difficult to play by adding tasks and planned work, but the optimization and combination possibilities will increased making planning more complex.

Tips on the game:

When traveling along the supply path, the player should consider an alternative to the planned processing of forest work, since you do not always get all the desired purchases or workers. Your own mill work is particularly well suited for this purpose.

A loan card can also be taken for tactical reasons. This also has a positive effect in certain situations.

All acquired workers and your own mill worker should be used put to use each round.

A well-planned and prepared winter can often earn you a few dollars (e.g. transportation with sleds and use of surplus food, combination with hut construction …).

The sale of craftwork on the market brings you additional income, which can significantly improve the planning for the next round (especially in the first year).

Even if sufficient money is available (usually in the second year) you should continue to optimize and find the best combinations. Each individual saved dollar is ultimately also a victory point.

Planned work make each game different, because of 10 possible cards only a maximum 6 are in play. Therefore, the cards should be read “well”. Coordinating your own strategy with the planned work often allows very efficient combinations.

You should never be forget that you need to earn more money than your fellow players in order to be successful at Lignum. Therefore, it is sometimes appropriate to prevent obvious plans of the other players by “snatching away” from the corresponding purchases.

It is also advantageous to keep an eye on what craftwork tokens your opponents are collecting.

The optimizations are often in the details, but you should better discover and carry them out yourself …

Have fun with Lignum!


What happens, when there are no more wood or food pieces?

There is an unlimited supply wood (discs and logs) and food. Games of Lignum can often be very different and depend on many factors. Should all wood or food pieces be used up, you can replace them by using the amount tokens (3/5) (e.g.: in the food supply, heating storage,…). The replaced pieces can be put back into the general supply.

Can you also construct huts in winter?

Yes. You can construct a hut anytime during your turn and you can use immediately use its advantage then, too.

Can you play Lignum without tasks but with planned work?

Yes, of course. The game offers the best tactical and strategic possibilities though when you play with both extensions (tasks and planned work).

In a game with two players it can happen that there is no hardwood (only 5 of the 15 placement cards are used). How can you complete tasks in such a game?

Yes, that can happen. Since players gets a bonus at the start of winter though, they can choose to take a hardwood then as their bonus. This allows players to complete at least 2 tasks in a game. If the planned work “Overtime” has been laid out, it is possible to get an additional hardwood through this.

A planned work needs to be paid, when it has been planned by a player. Do you need to pay for every token lying there or for every player (every color)?

You must pay 1 dollar for every token that is lying on the planned work card, even if you placed it there yourself.

When you don’t have enough food supplies or wood for heating in winter, then you must take out a loan card for the missing amount. If that is not enough, then you must sell wood from your mill. Can you sell wood from your mill without taking out a loan card first?

No, you always have to take out a loan card (or 2) first. Only then can you sell as much wood from your mill to cover the costs and to have some more for the next season (- important in the first winter). If you already took out your second loan card before the winter, then you may immediately sell wood from the mill. You cannot have more than 2 loan cards in the game.

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