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Game Mechanics: Lunte

Posted by admin on September 13th, 2014

The following is a few explanations about the game mechanics at Lunte:

  • Target Group

The game is for both multiplayer and casual players. It is a fast card game without great strategic considerations.

  • Course of Game / Suspense / Complexity

The players have a number of cards on hand, from which they must play a card for each round. Each of these cards has a value, which the player gives up for now. The player is faced with the decision when he will use his two bombs cards to secure the accumulating cards for himself – before another player gets them. The game is thus based on the uncertainty of the players’ moves – as well as the uncertainty as to when the round will end, as determined by the time bomb card. When exactly this is revealed, however, is not exactly foreseeable. Further uncertainty or tactical consideration result from the fact that the remaining card values in your hand count as minus points, so it is NOT a solution to keep the high values in your hand.

  • Duration

The playing time is about 5 minutes per round. You play multiple rounds.

  • Motivation / Emotions / Psychology

The interest of the players is of course to play the bombs at the right time. The described uncertainty is emotionally binding and requires risk awareness and tactical considerations. The result is very dependent on the players. The figure of the bomb-bearer has a high recognition value and comes across as sympathetic.

  • Core Elements / Mechanisms

Essential element of the game is the uncertainty factor (when shall I play what?). It is in the widest sense a game with a can’t-stop mechanism.

  • Strategy & Randomness

The random aspect is certainly in the cards that the player receives.

  • Look and Feel

The high-quality playing cards are supported by the sympathetic figure of the bomb bearer.

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