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Posted by admin on July 1st, 2013

>>> Lignum released 2015 ! (as Crowd-Funding Project) <<<

This is an introductory overview of the game “Lignum”. Here you will find more detailed information about the game:

Information on Lignum

Crowdfunding-Page Spieleschmiede

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Lignum at bei www.spielmaterial.de

Finalist Game Author Competition
strategy with sustainable material
In this complex strategic optimization game about the forestry back in the 19th century, 2-4 entrepreneurs try to optimize their small wood production company starting with just 4 dollars and a mill worker. The goal is to earn more money than the competitors in the following two years. Players must secure the most valuable cuttings areas, organize the work and their workers, buy the proper equipment needed and trade the produced wood at the right time. They also have to prepare for harsh winters int time with sufficient food and wood for heating.

+ for strategy players
+ rules video
+ spare part service
+ FAQ online
+ information on background and development
+ blog and fan rules online

4 Responses to “Lignum”

  1. Roger Brown says:

    Gruß Euch,

    Das Spiel scheint interessant. Ich kann es nicht an Board Game Geek finden. Ist es schon herausgegeben worden?

    Und… Regelvideo? Wo?



  2. admin says:


    Lignum ist in der Endphase der Entwicklung. Es wird zur SPIEL 2015 in Essen präsentiert werden. Ich stelle gleich mal ein wenig weiteres Material ein…

  3. Andreas says:

    wo gibt es denn das Regelvideo?
    Danke & Grüße

  4. admin says:

    Auf Boardgamegeek…

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