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Mücke Spiele

Games from Author Competitions

Author: Martin Schlegel

Posted by admin on July 4th, 2013

Martin Schlegel has worked for our publishing house on the following games:

  • Atacama (Author of the game)
  • Takamatsu (Author of the game)
  • Adios Calavera! (Author of the game)

Martin Schlegel – born 1946
“School? That was not my thing, “he says with his characteristic frankness:” I did not want to learn English, French and Latin, but opening, middle and final moves “Chess was then his passion – and connected to some successes.. In 1966 he was champion in Nordrhein-Westfalen the youth team.
After graduation, he studied economics and then worked as a statistician. He followed the Credo: Necessarily pedantic in production, in presentation easy as possible. Even now in retirement he cannot give up statistics: He remains chief editor of “Urban Research and Statistics”, the journal for statisticians in municipal goverment and universities.
A man of numbers and logic.

He always played a lot, but did not begin to invent games until late in his life. For these he applies the same idea as in chess: few rules – a lot of thinking. Few rules” that applies to all of his games. “Alex Randolph once said: A game is only done if you can not be further simplified.” “Lot of thinking” does not always apply tough. Just think of games like “Nuts”, “Cugolo”, “John Silver,” “Darwinci” or “fair”.

His game “Aqua Romana” was nominated for the 2006 Game of the Year. 85% of its revenues from this well selling game go to the Kindernothilfe.
With “Atacama” he now presents a games bundle with very short rules, but makes it really worthwhile to activate the gray matter.

Martin Schlegel


1990 Das Hagen-Spiel, city of Hagen
1993 Tanz auf dem Regenbogen, Spielerei
1996 Mit Mose durch die Wüste, ULJÖ
1996 Up, up and away, Stadt Hagen
1997 QUATRIX, spielbox, issue 2
1997 TABALATI, spielbox, issue 3
1997 HEITER BIS WOLKIG, spielbox, issue 4
1997 Hagen? Logo!, city of Hagen
1997 Bauboom in Babylon, spielbox, issue 6
1998 Nuts, Piatnik
1998 Verflixt und zugesperrt, Piatnik
1998 Queerbeet, spielbox, issue 3
1998 QUADRATO, spielbox, issue 5
1999 QUÄSTOR, spielbox, issue 2
1999 Sechs-Ex, spielbox. issue 5
1999 Hagen-Fragen, city of Hagen
1999 Kolonne on Tour, Rux
1999 Richtfunk, spielbox, issue 6
2000 M, Grünspan/abacus
2001 Tolle Tomaten, spielbox, issue 1
2002 Hekla, Holzinsel
2002 Quadringentesimus Quadratum, spielbox, issue 4
2004 Quattuor vincet!, spielbox, issue 3
2005 Im Reich der Lotusblumen, spielbox, issue 1
2005 Snake River Claims, spielbox, issue 4
2005 Aqua Romana, Queen Games
2005 Cugolo, Holzinsel
2006 Alles Gute – Aus Hagen, city of Hagen
2006 Äpfel und Birnen, spielbox, issue 2
2006 John Silver, Eggertspiele
2006 Top oder Flop, Argentum
2006 Weinlese auf Hierro, spielbox, issue 6
2007 Alemannen-Skat, spielbox, issue 4
2009 Mit Mose durch die Wüste, Uljö, PC-version
2009 Darwinci, LudoArt
2010 Key West, Spiele-Idee
2010 Bangkok Klongs, dlp-games
2010 Rummelplatz, eggertspiele, (collaborative work of 10 authors)
2013 Atacama, Mücke Spiele
2013 Sauschwer, Zoch Spiele (together with Andrea Meyer)
2014 Takamatsu, Mücke Spiele
2014 4ty4, Spellenvereniging Ducosim
2015 Sirenen in Sicht, Smiling Monster Games
2016 West of Africa, ADC Blackfire
2016 Oranjepolder, Spellenvereniging Ducosim
2016 Luther – Das Spiel, KOSMOS
2017 Ohne Firlefanz!, KLJB, catholic youth organization in bishopric of Paderborn
2017 Adios Calavera!, Mücke-Spiele

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