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Posted by admin on February 1st, 2014

This is an introductory overview to the game “Atacama”. Here you will find useful and detailed information and pictures for the game:

Information on Atacama

Information at Boardgamegeek

Buy Atacama at www.spielmaterial.de

Atacama by Martin Schlegel

The Mining Conflict

Excitement in the Chilean desert. Valuable mineral resources have been found in this 1,200 km long desert along the Pacific Ocean coast: Gold, silver and copper. Several companies are already busy prospecting by erecting huge drilling rigs since the seams are deep under the surface. Due to security reasons the drilling rigs cannot be installed too close to each other, which is why each new rig limits the possibilities to erect new ones in the surrounding.

Moreover, the mining rights have been limited by the government. Only for two of the three commodities the companies received a concession. Extracting the “wrong” type of resource will result in penalties.

A tactical game for 2 or 4 players, playing time of approx. 20 min. This game is part of the Edition Bohrtürme

 + for 2 or 4 players
+ video explanation
+ spare part service
+ fan rules online
+ information on background and development
+ Blog

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