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Mücke Spiele

Mücke Spiele

Games from Author Competitions


Sie befinden sich in der Auswahl für Mücke Spiele.

Background: Adiós Calavera!


Part 1: President Gauck,

News & Reviews: Adiós Calavera!


Rules: Babylon Tower Builders


Media: Babylon Tower Builders

Here are some

Background: Area 51

“Area 51” is loosely based on various conspiracy

News & Reviews: Area 51

Seth Brown hat tested a prototype of the game. You can

Media: Area 51

Here are some images of the game and some videos:

FAQ: Area 51

Here are some rules clarifications and answers to frequent

News: Kickstarter-Project for Area 51 Started!


Rules: Area 51

Here you can download the rules for Area 51: