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Media for Adios Calavera!

  Here is an explanation of the game in Spanish:


At Mücke Spiele we publish games that are developed as part of game author competitions, that are done by www.spielmaterial.de.

The goal is to invent a new board or card game using a certain set of materials.

You can find information on the current competition at www.spielmaterial.de

News & Reviews: Adiós Calavera!

An interview with Martin Schlegel,

Adiós Calavera!

This is an introductory overview to the game “Adios Calavera!”. Here you will

News & Reviews: Babylon Tower Builders

An “Unboxing” article

Making of: Babylon Tower Builders

In the middle of 2016 I , Channing Jones, was working

Author: Channing Jones

Channing Jones has worked for our