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Making of: Babylon Tower Builders

In the middle of 2016 I , Channing Jones, was working for spielmaterial.de (Harald Mücke). I had quite a few different tasks, such as marketing and research. One day, I got the job of making money out of a big stockpile of plastic parts. Spielmaterial.de often buys such leftover items and sells them individually or […]

Author: Channing Jones

Channing Jones has worked for our

Rules: Babylon Tower Builders


Media: Babylon Tower Builders

Here are some images of the game:

Babylon Tower Builders

This is an introductory overview to the game “Babylon Tower Builders”. Here

Background: Area 51

“Area 51” is loosely based on various conspiracy theories about a UFO and alien

News & Reviews: Area 51

Seth Brown hat tested a prototype of the game. You can read the review here.



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Video-Präsentation des Spiels bei City-Vision