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FAQ: Area 51

Here are some rules clarifications and answers to frequent questions on the game: Question: Can you add more than 1 level to a bunker in a turn? Answer: No, you can only 1 level (the next one) to a bunker in your turn. Question: In the example on page 4 only 2 cards are use […]

News: Kickstarter-Project for Area 51 Started!


Rules: Area 51

Here you can download the rules for Area 51:

News: Manhattan TraffIQ

The following expansions are available for the game Manhattan TraffIQ:

Contents: Manhattan TraffIQ

Components of the game:

  • 54 tiles: 44 city tiles, 6 action tiles (back side

FAQ: Manhattan TraffIQ

Question: Is it possible to arbitrarily relocated an already placed

Media: Manhattan TraffIQ

A video has been published at Boardgamegeek:


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Video-Präsentation des Spiels bei City-Vision