Edition Bohrtuerme

Edition Bohrtuerme has its origin in a game author's competition conducted in 2008/2009
www.spielmaterial.de. The task was to develop a game using the game pieces
from the game "Giants" (Kosmos). Additional material (game board, cards, game bits etc - no limits)
was allowed. Jury was the gamer's club in Mönchengladbach/Germany and
The winners received a cash price and a contract offer to publish the game.

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Winning title of the game author's competition 2008/2009

- An amusing tactical game around the world's first oil rush -

1901: Welcome to Spindletop Hill, birthplace of the mordern oil industry.

The first sources of oil already have been found and all adventures head for Texas to find their fortune.

However, the sources are limited. Who will find the right places to set up their oil rigs and produce the most oil?


ab 8


Winning title "Complex Game" of the game author's competition 2008/2009

- A strategic game about commodities in South-West Africa -

1884: First sources of various commodities have been discovered: gold, silver, copper and diamonds as well. The colonial government has issued concessions to enterprises which shall build up the necessary infrastructure to deliver the commodities and transport them to the coast.

Who will place their rigs in the right place?

Who will be able to sell the commodities for the highest price?


ab 10

~ 90

(will be published in 2011)

Finalist of the game author's competition 2008/2009

- A tactical, card-driven game about the prevailing theme -

The effects of the cimate changes are highly visible. However, everybody goes on as before. Oil in large volumes is produced to keep the industries running and keep consumers happy.

Who will manage to control his industry production in a way that minimizes the impacts on the environment and nevertheless allows to meet the consumer's demand?


ab 8


Finalist of the game author's competition 2008/2009

- A tactical game about the world's biggest oil field -

Ghawar is the biggest oilfields of the world and is located in Saudi-Arabien. The royal family assigns concessions to foreign companies for oil productions.

Who will keep the overview on all the oil plattforms on the field? Who will manage to keep the most profitable spots for himself?


ab 8